Come and savour the 1884 culinary experience.

1884 Dock Street Kitchen
Humber Dock Street // Marina
Hull // East Yorkshire // HU1 1TB

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Alan Lavender - The Journal

A fantastic meal served in great surroundings. It was the best piece of beef I have eaten in a very long time and both our desserts were delicious. The Yorkshire style portions very nearly defeated us! 19/20

Dave Lee - Yorkshire Post

It reminds me very much of Manhattan’s Tribeca Grill.

Matthew Norman - The Telegraph

Unusually exciting restaurant that does have class, is a contender, and will challenge for major titles from its waterfront berth for a long time to come.

Marina O’Loughlin - The Guardian

Presentation is elegant. And the prices are amazing.

Jill - Squidbeak

Great value, good food, terrific service.